With just two weeks until Frontier Development’s zany rollercoaster creation and destruction title lands on Microsoft platforms, Microsoft has released the game’s launch trailer and has announced that the game’s demo will be crash-landing onto both the Xbox One and Xbox 360 at Midnight tonight!!

The launch trailer, which you can see above, takes a look at some of the games insane rides which, well.. completely go wrong, but that’s okay, we’re not here for the riders pleasure, the aim here is to completely destroy the coaster and everything around. What’s better than that?? If the trailer however isn’t enough for you, then maybe you’d like to play the game early? Huh? Huh?

Well now you can, almost.. not yet.. but soon! Microsoft has today revealed that come midnight tonight, if you don’t leave the ball, your carriage will turn back into a pumpkin – wait.. wrong story.. Come midnight tonight you’ll be able to download the demo for ScreamRide on the Xbox One and Xbox 360! The demo will let you try out all three career modes. If you’re keen to be in the front seat when it all goes wrong, then you can as one of the game’s ScreamRiders! If you’d rather build, perhaps the Engineer is more your thing, creating coasters with crazy twists and turns, or if you prefer you can play as the Demolitions Expert, building it all up just to tear it down again.

ScreamRide launches on March 3 on Xbox One and Xbox 360. Players can already pre-order the game in stores, and as of today the games digital pre-order and pre-downloads go live too!

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