It looks like Life is Strange is on track after all, publisher Square Enix has confirmed.

Earlier today, a report from Destructoid revealed that the second episode of Life is Strange, DONTNOD’s episodic, time-bending, teen adventure game would be delayed. Details of the delay time and the reason for the delay were unknown but now Square Enix has addressed the delay in a statement.

Following the January 30 release of the first episode, DONTNOD revealed that the second episode would arrive within six weeks and it seems Square Enix want to keep that time-frame in place as they’ve addressed concerns that the schedule has slipped.

In a statement Square Enix said:

“Dear friends of Life is Strange,

“We’ve been asked to clear up the question of when Episode 2 will be released since there have been rumours of a delay. We would like to assure everyone that development is on track and we’re looking to release it before the end of March.

“Thanks for all your support so far – we’ve loved reading all your feedback and comments. As a show of gratitude and something to enjoy before the game is available here’s a piece of concept art for Episode 2: Out of Time.”

Along with the statement, Square Enix attached the below image of Chloe and Max literally on a train track, so I guess there’s some PR gag in there, eh?

Well, I guess I’ve only got four more weeks to wait then..


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