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The Chromebook Pixel was launched almost exactly two years ago with the aim to be the most incredible Chromebook you could ever get your grubby hands on. Unfortunately, it was mostly remembered as the Chromebook that no one could afford with its £1,000+ price tag. Chromebooks are known as pretty affordable devices with most of the content stored on the cloud, so the Chromebook Pixel was a little.. out there in terms of who would actually purchase one. Now there’s word that a second generation Pixel is in the works, here’s hoping that they can improve on the last one, at least price-wise.

For those who do remember the Chromebook Pixel for what it was, a pretty impressive bit of kit with a gorgeous touch-screen display, plenty of power under the hood even for a Chromebook, and its Intel Core i5 1.8GHz processor, you may be excited to hear that there seems to be another Pixel in the works, currently with the codename “Samus,” though here’s hoping it has no relation to Zero Suit Samus who can fold up into a ball..

Anyway, the Samus as it’s currently known, was discovered in a bug report which was filed on the Chromium Project Issues tracker. The issue was related to the ‘DisplayPort USB Type C adapter’ and attached was an image which looks to be the original Chromebook Pixel. Though that might not have been the case as the bug report comes from a device codemaned “Samus,” and though the original Chromebook Pixel seems to be pictured, that devices codename was Link, so now we’re pretty keen to hear whether a Chromebook Pixel 2 is in development.

Now, this is probably best taken with a pinch of salt as Google are yet to reveal any info about this, but with Google I/O booked for May, we could be in for a treat. With that being said, let’s hop into the rumour train, here’s what rumours are saying about the Chromebook Pixel 2..

  • It’s set to come with an Intel 5th generation Core Y-Series processor
  • It’ll have an interactive light bar
  • It’ll also have a backlit keyboard
  • It’ll likely come with a large, high pixel density touch screen display
  • It’s also rumoured to have USB 3.1 “Type C” connectors with data transfer of upto 10Gbps

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