False advertisement is the reason that landed Nvidia with a class action lawsuit redgarding the advertising of their GeForce GTX 970 graphics card, which was released in September 2014.

The graphics card is advertised to have 4GB of perfomance boosting RAM, although users have reported that the card doesn’t actually acheive the full four GBs and get around 3.5 instead. That last little bit was also reported to be performing 80% slower than it ought to, the results of this would be stutters and glitches in the running of any video.

Giga-Byte Technology has also been named as defendant alongside Nvidia, Giga-Byte were the retailer that sold the cards. Nvidia have declined to make comment on the lawsuit, whilst Giga-Byte have yet to issue a statement.

The issues have caused quite a spark, including a Change.org petition demanding refunds to unsatisfied customers and a whopping 366 page discussion topic on the GeForce forum.

As an amusing jab at their rival, AMD have started advertising their Radeon R9 290 with the catchline ‘4GB means 4GB’ and slashed the price of the card as well to hopefully gather the attention of Nvidia’s unhappy customers to come over to them instead.

amd radeon 290

If you’re brave enough to trawl through the technical jargon, you can read the full details of the lawsuit here.

Have you got an Nvidia GeForce GTX 970? Did you find similar problems with the card, or is yours running okay?

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