Crusader Kings is now 3 years old, according to WebMD a 3 year old can now tell stories and answer simple questions so Crusader Kings 2 is right on track to becoming a well rounded being.

Paradox, creators of the game have released an info-graphic that contains any statistic you could possibly want to know since the games release, what really caught our eye? One very dedicated player has solely put 10,500 hours into the game.

We tried to think of other ways that time could have been spent:

  • 25 hours could be spent standing outside the Game store in your local town centre at midnight waiting to receive a pre-ordered copy. Don’t be silly, we know nobody queues for 25 hours at one time, no this number accounts for 2 midnight launches..
  • 30 minutes a day can be spent asking Siri ridiculous questions, so that’s 3 hours a week spent talking to Siri.
  • 3 hours per night could have been spent marathoning House of Cards on Netflix.
  • 1 hour a day can be spent pointlessly scrolling through Instagram on the toilet, quickly scrolling past selfies because nothing is more awkward than looking at your friends face while pooping.
  • 2 hours of your day can be lost in  the deep dark depths of Reddit
  • Your entire lifetime could be spent trying to get Parties to work on Xbox One. “IT SAYS YOUR MIC IS PLUGGED IN BUT I CAN’T HEAR YOU”.

Nope, even we can’t find a way to waste 10,500 hours.

Check out the info-graphic below to see what else Crusader 2 players have been up to.

crusader kings

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