the order 1886

For those wanting to know exactly how much time they’ll be spending in the steam-punk Victorian era of The Order: 1886, a play through of the game appeared online over the weekend from YouTube account PlayMeThrough, who managed to play through the entire game in just under 6 hours, interactive cut scenes and all, something which has left some people a little dubious about the game’s overall content.

The play through however seems to be a brief start to finish affair meaning that there’s likely a lot more in the way of exploration which can be done for those who like to squeeze every little bit out of their games. Ready At Dawn, the developers behind the game, have since discussed the games length, and though they don’t comment explicitly on duration, it seems they’re opting for a quality game over length.

In an interview with Eurogamer, Ru Weerasuriya, founder, CEO and creative director at Ready at Dawn discussed how the games length might not be as short as many claim, but noted that they won’t be discussing the games duration but noted that every game has to take its own time to tell its story.

“At the end of the day, we’re not going to comment on it. We can’t stop people from writing the things they do,” he said. “And we’re not going to jump at every single mistake that is made out there. Every time somebody has the wrong impression of something we made, or somebody writes the wrong thing about what we did, it would be a full-time job to be like, oh no, that’s not right. We make games. We do what we do for the players. And, ultimately, that’s where I want to leave it.”

“Game length is important,” he continued. “Every game has to take its own time to tell its story. Some games can be short. Some games can be long. I still remember the first time I picked up Modern Warfare, I finished the campaign in about three-and-a-half or four hours. And it was fun because they made that campaign work for that because they had something else.

“Any of these games need to pack in what it needs to to deliver the experience you were hoping to deliver when you first tackled it. For us that meant, it’s not going to be a short game, it’s going to be something that rewards you as you play through, that there is a storyline, that you have information there, and then also it opens the door to a lot of questions you might be able to answer either by what you find in the game, or hopefully by what you will find out in the future.

“Our industry is diverse enough that we need different games. We have to allow for different genres and single-player games like we do, multiplayer games, co-op games, social games, whatever it is.”

If you’re up for spoiling the game and have 6 hours to burn, you can watch the full play through here, that is unless they’re taken down by time this publishes.

The Order: 1886 launches on PlayStation 4 this Friday, worldwide.

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