Pinterest addicts get excited as the company plan to add a ‘buy’ button that will allow you to make purchases without leaving the comfort of your Pinterest boards.

Recode report the new addition to the world of Pinterest will allow you to make purchases within the website or app, transactions will be handled by payments company Stripe that has similar deals with Facebook and Twitter. Both social networking giants added the ‘buy’ button last September however Pinterest seems like the more suitable home for the ‘buy’ button.

Sources say that the new feature could be hitting the Pinterest boards in 3-6 months, it’s likely to take a little longer and offer a limited trial basis to begin with to iron out any kinks in the service before Pinterest’s 70 million users start shopping.

Is this going to be something that really takes off or will users still open up a new tab and search for the lowest price they can find that item or stick with a company they trust such as Amazon?

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