Bethesda has this week revealed that their survival horror title, The Evil Within, will be getting its first serving of DLC next month which is the first of a two-part story shedding more light on the horrors found in the game. Check out the creepy ass trailer above.

The first DLC, entitled The Assignment, will star protagonist Sebastian Castellanos’ partner Juli Kidman and will be the first of a two part story taking a more in-depth look at the horrors that lay within the main game. There’s no word right now on when the second part will launch.

Another DLC set to arrive for the game, will put players in the role of the Keeper, also known as the Boxman, in a series of mission-based stages. The release date for that DLC has also yet to be revealed.

The Evil Within launched on PC, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One last October.

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