Realistic Pokemon smaller

No matter what Pokemon you look at, whether it’s a cutie like Pikachu, or a bad ass looking dragon like Charizard, current Pokemon art is kid-friendly, easily recognisable, and down right adorable. But what if Pokemon were real? What if they really did leap out at you when you wandered in the bushes? Well one artist has decided to create realistic renditions of our favourite Pokemon, and they’re absolutely terrifying.

DeviantArt artist Arvalis, also known as RJ Palmer, has a whole collection of images which he’s created taking what was once adorable Pokemon, like Eevie, and has turned them into something you’d probably try your best to avoid. Even his rendition of Pikachu looks slightly gross. Here, take my Ketchup and bugger off, ya little rat.

As desturbing as they are, you’ve got to hand it to him, these images are pretty incredible. I’ve added a few examples below, but I’d implore you to check out his DeviantArt page here for even more detailed creations, perhaps he’s done your favourite?

Oh also, if you’re easily freaked out, like I am, try to avoid the last image below.






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