Yesterday saw the Twitterverse erupt into chaos as The Last Guardian began trending – but not for positive reasons.  Sony’s trademark for the game had lapsed (again) and gamers were sent into a tailspin, with speculation running rife over if this meant the long-awaited title was finally breathing its last. The Last Guardian has been in development for many years now, and has faced numerous obstacles along the way, yet it has remained a highly anticipated title throughout this time.  First scheduled for release on PS3, it’s likely the latest move would be to develop the game for current gen consoles (i.e. the PS4).  This expectation was confirmed in an article I read at the airport last week in Australia’s Official Playstation Magazine, however the news from Twitter had me prepared to mourn.

But, oh happy day, the morning brings hope rekindled! Sony has released a statement to Gamespot confirming that The Last Guardian is still in development, and that the lapse of trademark was simply an administrative error.  This is a huge relief and gives us hope that we’ll see some more of The Last Guardian at E3 this year – fingers crossed, we’ll get a release date!


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