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If you were too busy spending time with your significant other this weekend or spent too much time wallowing, you probably missed Tony Hawk reminding us once again that another Tony Hawk skateboarding game is in the works. This time it wasn’t with an interview, it was with a lovey dovey poem. Isn’t that nice.

Not content with announcing a new project was in the works and staying quiet until more information becomes available, Tony Hawk took to Twitter this weekend to let everyone know once more that a new Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater is in the works.

Hawk originally announced the news in November where he discussed a new game coming to current-generation consoles as well as a mobile game. The mobile game however isn’t the Tony Hawk’s Shred Session which has already been announced, unfortunately that game has been postponed indefinitely.. Both games are expected to launch this year, so keep an eye out for those. Who knows, maybe Hawk will make an appearance at E3 this year?

Little detail has been announced, though the inclusion of “THPS” in his tweet could be a hint at what’s coming next, as the last game to have the “Pro Skater” moniker, was 2002’s Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 4, the series then moved onto Tony Hawk’s Underground, followed by a sequel, then American Wasteland, and the best game in the series, Tony Hawk’s Project 8.

Could we be seeing Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 5?

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