Sometimes I feel like here in the UK, we’re pretty behind the times. We were slow on getting the super fast 4G network and certain smartphones take around six months to land on our shores. So it comes as a bit of a surprise to hear that the UK government is pushing to get free WiFi on trains by 2017, something that’ll surely help commuters when mobile signal is patchy at best when you’re whizzing through the country to get to your destination.

With millions of people commuting to work each day, the UK government have decided to invest almost £50 million to make that burden a little less by rolling out free WiFi across the UK’s major rail networks. The news comes via Rail Minister Claire Perry, who reveals that the government is already in talks with train operators such as Thameslink, Southern and Great Northern, Southeastern, Chiltern, and Arriva Trains Wales, about adding connectivity to their carriages from 2017.

That does mean that we have at least a two year wait until the networks get connected, but some operators are installing equipment as soon as possible. Whether or not this funding will push to the smaller rail operators remains to be seen, but rest assured, in two years time you’ll no longer have to wait until you hit a signal hotspot to send that urgent email, or ping back a Snapchat of someone with loo roll on their shoes.

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