The Voices trailer launched today here in the UK and it has us very, very, excited.

If you’re looking for a serious film to uhm and ah over this year The Voices isn’t going to be it, instead it looks like it’s going to be the kind of ridiculous-amazing that you can’t help but fall in love with and force everyone around you to watch at least once.

The film stars Ryan Reynolds who plays Jerry, an ordinary guy working at a bath tub factory that goes home to his talking cat and dog. His articulate furry friends try to influence his life for better or worse and soon Jerry turns into a homicidal maniac with talking pets.

The film also stars Gemma Arterton and Anna Kendrick and is directed by the award winning Marjane Satrapi.

Check out the trailer above, if you don’t at least smile we can’t be friends, sorry.

The Voices will be hitting the cinemas on the March 20.

the voices

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