This week we saw Xiaomi take one small step to conquer America in the form of the first official press conference which was held in San Francisco earlier this week. For many there were hopes the company would be dragging a suitcase full of devices set to launch in the US, in stead they simply revealed that they’re coming to the US, it’s just going to take a little time.

While many of us may feel disappointed that Xiaomi didn’t come with an abundance of handsets to dish out to US consumers, what they did to was mark their territory. They revealed that while they do plan to release their handsets in the US, they’re going to take their time doing so, and have instead just launched the US site, mi.com. This small step should hopefully open up a bigger door for Xiaomi as demand for devices available in small quantities can quickly become viral, an effect that Xiaomi are very, very familiar with.

With that being said, when Mi.com eventually launches, it won’t be stocking phones immediately, instead it’ll be selling other Xiaomi devices such as headphones, its Power Bank battery solution, its smartband, and more. The reason for this, states Global VP Hugo Barra, is that hardware certifications, software testing, infrastructure, and other logistical challenges can cause problems. So instead Xiaomi hope to sell products without as many regulatory challenges in order to expand brand awareness of the company before making bigger moves.

As for the bigger move, it seems we could be waiting a little while before Xiaomi drop any Mi handsets on US soil as it’ll take the company to create a workforce in the US as well as file for certification and much more, which Barra says isn’t on the company’s roadmap right now.

Though Xiaomi have a lot of groundwork to do before unleashing their smartphones on the west, this week’s press conference is hopefully not the last time we’ll see Xiaomi in the US, and beyond – we hope.

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