If you spend enough time on the internet you know what .GIF files are already, the convenient clips of video compressed into a moving image. Sites like tumblr, reddit and buzzfeed use GIFs all the time and Imgur has even come up with their own upgraded version of the .GIF file extension, .GIFV, but now a group called Yoyo think that they’ve cracked the next stage on GIFs, and whilst it’s pretty cool, I’m not entirely sure if I agree…

I mean, what they’ve done is pretty cool! You can definitely tell that this is going to be something where people can get super creative and make some fantastic little pieces. Though part of the appeal of GIFs are that they loop endlessly and this takes the play button out of it entirely. To use a Yoyo, you drag your mouse back and forth over the image to reveal the different frames as they progress, sort of like when you press pause and click and drag on a video’s progress bar. There are already some pretty creative Yoyos already on their website and you can see how this could be a fun new thing to make little graphics out of.

It’ll be interesting to see how it holds up, because this isn’t a file type at the end of the day, it’s not .yoyo or anything like that. If anything its bigger competition would still be closer to the likes of Vine and Instagram, but it ought to really get some creative juices flowing, because the whole rollover with the mouse could definitely have its uses! For example, in clips of movies or TV shows where there might have been something that was there just for the briefest second that you want to share and rather than putting it into a slow moving GIF, instead you could use Yoyo to pinpoint the moment and let others dictate the pace on the rollover. Pretty neat!

Enjoy this little Yoyo below and let us know what you think of Yoyo. Future of GIFs? Or moving into its own domain?



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