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Soon you’ll be able to use your Android Wear watch with your iPhone

With the release of the Apple Watch looming ever closer, it seems Google is gearing up to launch some sort of compatibility with iPhones to not only offer something for those who don’t want to spend around £350 on an Apple Watch, as well as pulling back sales lost to those who have moved over to Apple devices. With Android Wear being exclusive to Android it has lost out on a significant amount of sales from those who own an iPhone, but that might not be the case soon.

According to reports, inside Android Wear 4.4W firmware, someone found a class name of “ANCSHandler,” which to those unfamiliar with coding means Apple Notification Center Service, a service that would be used to push notifications to a wearable device. Although this doesn’t necessarily confirm Google are going to announce support for iOS devices, many people are hoping that this is the case. It’d not only help adoption rates, but Google as well as Android Wear-powered watch manufacturers would be able to poach customers from splashing out on the Apple Watch.

Will we be seeing iOS support on Android Wear any time soon? That we can’t answer, Google could be working on it, but with no firm plans in the pipeline, this could be the first step of a very long process. We’re keeping our ears close to the ground for more information.

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