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This GIF is a pretty awesome throwback to Apple’s past

Perfectly preserved in the internet archives is this GIF of Apple’s website exactly how it looked in May 1998. At this point I was eight years old and didn’t even know Apple existed, I hadn’t even accessed the internet yet.

Those of you that were a little older in the mid-90’s might remember that these were not exactly the glory days for Apple, sure they had plenty of new ideas but they were way ahead of themselves and the market and during their darkest days very almost went bankrupt.

This GIF was posted to and it shows just how far the company have come in seventeen years, they’re still here for one but not just that they’re freaking huge now.

‘Pro, Go, Whoa’ was the clear message on the front page, now the front page shows the Apple Watch and the new MacBook a stark contract to the mid-90’s version of the website.

Will somebody, someday look at a GIF of Apple’s 2015 website and feel nostalgic? It’s hard to imagine anything we currently use being considered retro.


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