Daredevil Daredevil Daredevil Daredevil. It’s all I seem to hear about on a bi-weekly basis now.

“Oh, look a new image from Daredevil!”. “A new Daredevil trailer”. OK, I might be being a bit dramatic as I try to soften the blow for a dramatic if not risqué Brief History.

So in the mainstream world, you may only know Daredevil by one costume. The classic red one. It was in the movie and it turns up on games and merchandise and so on.

So you can be forgiven for thinking that it’s his only and original costume – though you would be wrong, just like thinking that Nightwings costume was his first. It took two attempts to get that right (See Disco Wing and the awkward middle phase costume).

If you’ve been following the Netflix press for the upcoming Daredevil series you would’ve have seen the plain black one. That was his first disguise of sorts.

His first costume? Was this.


Well, how did we get from that? Well, another one of Marvel’s Season One graphic novels tries to explain that.

For those of you who don’t know what Season One is a series of graphic novels which adds another dimension to the early adventures of your favourite (and not so favourite) superheroes.

In Daredevils early days, he spends a lot of his time being looked down upon for not having super strength and being similar to Spider-man, so is not really considered a threat by anyone.

After he struggles with being the cheesy pun throwing hero people love and getting a few hard hits he begins to change his fighting style and becomes more cunning and ruthless.

When encountering Mr Fear, a villain which uses fear gas to subdue his enemies, he realises fear is the way forward.

After ditching the circus style costume, he takes up his red costume and becomes the fear installing hero we deserve and all know as Batman..I mean Daredevil.

Truth be told, they’re a bit close to Batman’s story but if you borrow, borrow from the best right?

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