Ahead of the closed sale of EE, BT has launched a handful of super cheap SIM-only plans.

For some time now we’ve known that BT plan to dive back into the consumer wireless game after around 10 years as it plans to purchase EE, one of the UK’s biggest networks. Though details have been all but confirmed, as far as I’m aware the deal is yet to be complete. That however hasn’t stopped BT from already launching a couple of SIM-only packaged at competitive prices for both existing and new BT customers.

Using a combination of BT’s own and a handful of EE owned wireless spectrums, BT has announced a handful brand new SIM-only plans that’ll cost existing BT Broadband customers from £5 per month which offers 200 minutes with 500 MB of 4G data and unlimited texts. That’s a pretty affordable and highly competitive price. Even if you’re not a BT customer, you’ll be asked to shell out just £10 per month. Other plans can cost you up to £20 per month for existing customers and offer 20GB 4G with Unlimited minutes and texts.

If that wasn’t a bargain enough, not only will you have fast 4G speeds, you’ll also have free access to the UK’s largest wi-fi network of over 5 million BT Wifi hotspots, so even with such a small amount of data, if you connect to the hotspots regularly enough, you’ll have plenty of data left over.

The only down-side however is that these are SIM-only plans, which will rely on you getting your own handset. BT offers a range of handsets in their store starting from £99, though if your contract is coming to an end and are looking for a cheaper plan and are happy with your phone, I’d definitely opt for this.

Check out which tarrif is for you on BT’s website.

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