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Nintendo has issued a take down request for the Super Mario 64 HD project which gained some popularity last week

With Nintendo starting to become more open about other studios using their IP for various projects, you’d think that Nintendo would be okay than fans can once again play a favourite title in the Super Mario franchise without doing any of the leg work. Unfortunately that’s not the case as the Japanese company has issued a take down notice for the Mario-in-your-browser experience.

The Project which saw the famous Bob-Omb Battlefield being recreated in Unity by Roystan Ross, let Super Mario fans dive into a great looking HD remake of the game right from their browsers, and while it’s still available to download from the developers website, mirrors are rapidly being removed. It seems Nintendo lawyers have taken issue with using assets taken directly from Nintendo’s games, something which Ross admits to doing.

“All the art and animations were done by myself, with the exception of the Mario, Goomba and Power Star meshes, which are ripped (without animations) from Super Mario Galaxy,” he explained. “A large portion of the sounds are from existing Mario games, while the ones I found and edited myself are from”

Nintendo’s takedown notice mentions a breach of copyright for “Nintendo’s Super Mario 64 video game (U.S. Copyright Reg. No. PA0000788138), including but not limited to the audiovisual work, computer program, music, and fictional character depictions”.

So there you have it. Nintendo has spoiled all of the fun.. JEEZ NINTY, CHILL OUT.

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