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As with most PC games, Cities: Skylines has been hit by Pirates, thankfully Paradox has a solution

This weekend Paradox Interactive shared some information about their latest city building sim, Cities Skylines, revealing that in just 24 hours the game had sold 250,000 copies. What they also revealed was that by day 2, the game had been pirated by around 16 per cent of players. Though you might think this would cause Paradox to introduce some sort of measure to stop this, they’ve done one even better: provided a more superior experience for paying players, than pirates.

You see, if you purchase the game on Steam, you’ll be able to make the most of the regular updates that Paradox have been releasing. If you pirate the game, even though you’ll have the full game for free, you’ll have to continuously keep installing new versions manually whenever a new version is cracked. This means that pirates are often playing on outdated and buggy games while paying players get the latest builds almost instantly.

It seems, like with CD Projekt RED, enforcing DRM is only going to make the problem worse so to combat the stranglehold of DRM, developers want to encourage others to make the paid-for product a much better experience than whatever slips out into the pirate-infested seas.

Cities: Skylines is available to purchase on Steam right now or via Paradox’s own online store.

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