Dragon Quest VII, Dragon Quest Monsters and Dragon Quest Monsters 2 re-released for Ultimate Hits release.

Three classic Dragon Quest games are getting re-released for the 3DS this week in Japan under the “Ultimate Hits” banner.  Dragon Quest is hugely popular in Japan, but has a much smaller following in Europe and the US, with many titles (both new and old) never even making it to our shores.

According to my research, there is a sequel planned for Dragon Quest Rocket Slime, which was one of my favourite Dragon Quest titles, as well as a MMORPG but it’s uncertain if we’ll see them in the West.  We’ll also have to wait and see if these Ultimate Hits games get released outside of Japan; it may be best not to hold our collective breath, given Square Enix has previously discussed their reticence to localise the content due to the large volume of text in the games.  I will keep my fingers crossed, however!

In other Dragon Quest news, the upcoming Theatrhythm Dragon Quest game will be featuring downloadable songs like the other games in the rhythm-action series, however there will also be a number of free songs. The game is out in Japan at the end of the month, but as with the classic remakes, there is no word yet as to a European release.


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