Daredevil has pulled out a new trailer. Though by this point aren’t you always expecting Marvel to pull out something new on an almost bi-weekly basis?

See Charlie Cox take on the reigns of Matt Murdock, the blind superhero by night and lawyer by day, take on the chrome dome mega tank known as the Kingpin.

Vincent D’Onofrio (Goran from Law and Order) is to take on Marvel’s Godfather of crime and badness. Of course, you’ll probably know Kingpin from the 90’s Spider-man TV series and the late Michael Clark Duncan’s performance in the Ben Affleck-lead Daredevil movie.

Check out in the trailer a Hand Ninja? The resident ninja clan of the Marvel universe. Ben Urich who is another tie between the worlds of Spider-man and Daredevil and a whole of lot of violence  all coming you’re coming your on April 10.

Then we can start focusing on what is going on with Iron Fist (not a relation of Iron Man)

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