Sony has confirmed that its free-to-play fantasy title for the Vita will be closing on June 30

Destiny of Spirits launched in March of last year as a free to play fantasy title for the PS Vita where players would collect spirits to fight against other, more powerful creatures. Though it didn’t take off as well as Sony likely hoped, many still played the game and even put cash into the title for Destiny Orbs. Unfortunately for those people Destiny of Spirits is coming to an end a year after launch.

Sony has today confirmed that Destiny of Spirits will be shutting down the servers for the game on June 30 and warn players than any unspent Destiny Orbs will disappear along with the game. In a statement Sony said:

Thank you very much for playing Destiny of Spirits.

We regret to inform you that Sony Computer Entertainment will be ending service of Destiny of Spirits on June 30, 2015 (Tuesday). After this date, you will not be able to play or access the game, and all unused Destiny Orbs will expire.

Our goal when we released this title in March of last year was for players around the world to utilize the Vita’s network capabilities for a fun, new game experience. The global response has been incredible, and we have achieved over one million downloads. We appreciate all your support.

The development team on the game is still yet to push the 1.12 update, but when they do, it’ll bring back past Raid bosses for players to fight. The sale of Destiny Orbs will end from the end of April in both Europe and Japan. For those in the US, sales will continue until the servers are switched off.

So if you’re yet to try out the game, you’ve got a good month or so to do so. Just remember, it’ll be closing soon.

destiny of spirits

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wtf is this game? i’ve never even heard of it until now lol. probably one of the reasons why it died.

and from the screenshots, it looks like utter shit so i’m not really too surprise to hear that it’s shutting down.

and its a game by Sony? nope. not surprised at all.

utter shit. bloody hell, can we get some real games for a change…

Jordan Smith
Jordan Smith

Hot news. I fapped after they closed this game. It was so hot. Thank you Sony.