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We’re already aware of the job cuts at the DriveClub dev, but we didn’t know how severe they were

Last week Sony confirmed that there were a number of job cuts happening at DriveClub developer, Evolution Studios. Little other details were given as to how many staff were being made redundant, or what would be happening to the studio. All we know is that the PlayStation Plus version of DriveClub is still in the worlds and that this “isn’t the end for DriveClub.” Now however, sources say 55 members of staff have lost their positions.

Speaking with Eurogamer, sources familiar with the matter say Sony has cut 55 jobs at the studio, which according to the sources is around half of the studio with said redundancies affecting permanent staff. Another source said that some of the 55 may be retained as contractors, but specifics are still in the air right now.

Last week when Sony confirmed that jobs were being cut at the Runcorn-based studio, they revealed that it was part of a move to focus on DriveClub “as a service”, as well as the launch of the PS Plus version.

What it sounds like to me, is that Sony is keeping key-members of the studio to hand to keep the game up and running and eventually launch the  PS Plus version, once that has been released, I wouldn’t be surprised if Sony completely absorbs Evolution Studios into the company, or closes the studio entirely.

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