EA trademarks ‘Unravel’ could a new IP be on the horizon?

With preparations for this years Electronic Entertainment Expo, also known as E3, being under way, Electronic Arts has filed a trademark application for something called “Unravel”. The trademark was spotted by NeoGAF and relates to video game software and entrainment services.

So far the trademark has only been filed in Europe, but it’s rare for company’s to trademark across the world at the same time. Especially if it’s something sensitive like an unnamed product or video game. Details relating to what it actually is are non-existent, but it could be a new title set to be announced at E3.

The name “Unravel,” is also about as mysterious as the game itself, though with EA recently shutting down their MOBA Shadow Realms, there’s a chance it could be something similar and likely console-based as many PC MOBAs are making the dive to consoles.

We’ll probably have to wait a while until we see something official come out of this trademark however.

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