EB Games in Australia is Offering Pre-orders for Nintendo’s ‘Codename NX’

EB Games in Australia is actually offering pre-orders for Codename NX and is actually taking real money for it..

Even though nobody other than Nintendo know that Codename NX could be, EB Games in Australia is offering some Nintendo fans the chance to be the first to pre-order the device. Chances are we won’t hear anything else about Codename NX until 2016, with a release probably set for late 2016/ early 2017. So if you’re keen to actually waste real cash for something that doesn’t technically exist yet. EB Games is the place to go.

We don’t know what Codename NX could be, is it a phone, a Nintendo tablet (we think so), a new handheld device or home console, or a hybrid of them both. Right now EB Games is letting you essentially buy a name because that’s all we have. Details of exactly how much they’re asking for is unknown, but what we do know is that if you’re keen to splash some cash on something that will be nothing more than a codename for almost a year, head to AUS.

When we pointed Destructoid’s post at Tehkella, our very own Aussie writer, she said: “I know it’s so ridiculous, they are a laughing stock right now,” adding, “So embarrassing!”

So what are you playing at EB Games?