Evolve is getting its first batch of free content this month including new maps, monster, and a new mode

Brace yourself! If you’ve pretty much had your fill of Evolve, at the end of this month there’s set to be an extra large helping of content coming your way including new maps, new monsters, new hunters, and more. Some of which will be yours absolutely free on March 31.

First up, players will finally be able to play as the Behemoth, the fourth monster unveiled by Turtle Rock prior to launch. It’ll be free to those who pre-ordered the game and received the Monster Expansion Pack, but will cost you £11.99 otherwise.

There’s four new hunters too! One for each class. As you’d expect, you’ll need to have the Hunting Pass for this one, and you’ll also get three monster skins. You can still buy the pass for £20, or pay a little over £6 for each hunter. The new hunters are:

Torvald – A Cyborg Assault character with a mortar cannon for an arm
Crow – A Trapper with a pet Batray for tracking Monsters
Slim – A genetically modified combat Medic
Sunny – A Support character equipped with a mini-nuke grenade launcher

Now, as you recall there was a bit of a spat over the game’s DLC, though it mostly revolves around cosmetics and new characters. The game as a whole however will be getting new content in the form of free updates. The first update, which will land with the additional content mentioned above will come with a new Observer Mode, as well as the two new maps we wrote about here. They’ll be coming absolutely free, first to Xbox One, then will come to PC and PlayStation 4 in April.

Fortunately, you’ll be able to play against the new monster and hunters online and offline, as originally planned, without owning them. You’ll only need to buy them if you want to play as them.

Check out some of the new screenshots below.

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