An experimental version of Firefox OS runs on Imagination’s MIPS CPU

This week, Imagination Technologies has announced that an experimental version of Firefox OS from Mozilla has been ported to run on a reference tablet which incorporates a 1.2GHz, dual-core MIPS CPU and a PowerVR SGX540 GPU, the same chip used inside of the recently-released Creator CI20 microcomputer proving that smaller technologies can run the OS which is aimed at emerging markets.

For a while now Mozilla has tried to compete with the likes of Android and iOS, as well as Windows Phone, but has found more of a comfortable place offering a lightweight OS to smartphones and feature phones perfect for emerging markets. Now an experimental version is currently running on a tablet which incorporates Imagination Technologies MIPS CPU paving the way for low-end tablets to be released in South America, South-East Asia, Eastern Europe and many others.

To mark the occasion, Imagination Tech are offering 15 reference tablets to open source developers in a give-away hosted on their blog. You can be one of the first to develop HTML 5 apps on this new piece of hardware and in addition to this, they’re also throwing in a free WebGL SDK hosted on GitHub which contains several examples which developers can run out of the box on devices equiped with MIPS CPUs and PowerVR GPUs.

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