Have you ever wanted to send money to your friend via Facebook? Well, now you can.

The company is adding a new service to the Messenger application to let you make debit card payments to friends. When the payment system has been fully rolled out, there will be a ‘$’ next to the voice memo button in a Messenger conversation. Press it, choose the amount you want to send, press ‘Pay’ and enter your card details. There are a couple of optional security options such as adding a PIN before each payment or the Touch ID verification.

Although it may not have a use everyday, it’s quite likely to be a popular feature simply because of how easy it is- you can be talking to a friend and send the money across without having to even leave the application.

Probably rightly, Facebook has strongly emphasised how secure this service will be. Encrypted systems will be used when you enter in your card details and Facebook uses: “layers of software and hardware protection that meet the highest industry standards”. In addition to that, there is a specialist anti-fraud team that looks out for suspicious activity.

The payment service will be available on iOS, Android and desktop and will be rolling out in the US at first over the next several months.

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