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Today at F8, Mark Zuckerberg and Co. announced more app integrations with Messenger Platform

Messenger is about to change and not just with a new UI or theme, but it’s about to change in a BIG way. Today at F8, Facebook announced Messenger Platform, a new platform for third party developers to build apps to enhance the Messenger experience. But what does that mean for the future of Messenger? Well, unlike WhatsApp, another messenger that Facebook owns, Messenger will get more interesting features, one example would be the ability to add an app filled with GIFs so you can share your feelings with moving pictures.

Messenger is currently used by 600 million people every day, say Facebook, and starting today the app now has more than 40 new apps, letting the millions of users enhance their conversation with GIFs, videos, photos, audio clips, and more. All of this will be done through the app itself too, so there’s no need to download more apps onto your phone in order for the new features to work. If a friend sends you a message from a Messenger Platform app all you’ll need to do is tap install to see the message, and if you want to reply, you can do so right from the app within the Messenger Platform.

With Messenger Platform, businesses can further enhance and personalise their experiences with customers by sending messages to them via Messenger letting them know the status of their order allowing a more personal two-way conversation between the business and the customer.

Starting today, Messenger Platform is open to all developers. And so far there are currently over 40 apps for you to download and get involved with such as: Bitmoji, ESPN, GIF Keyboard, Imgur, Meme Generator, Pyro!, Talking Tom, Camera, and Wordeo to name a few.

So check your Messenger app now, and see if you can install one of the many apps added to the Messenger Platform.

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