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The new versions of Final Fantasy Type-0 are said to feature a cinematic not seen in the original PSP version..

Though Final Fantasy Type-0 HD isn’t out yet, one NeoGAF member has discovered that there’s a “secret” cinematic found in the game that drops some hints that a sequel could be on the way. We’re not sure how to access the trailer yet, but fortunately you can see it below. Warning however, there are spoilers.

Final Fantasy Type-0 HD launches on March 20 here in the UK, but one NeoGAF user seems to have gotten hold of the game a little early. During this time they’ve managed to find a secret cinematic full of spoilers and hints that a sequel is incoming. If you want to watch it, check out the video below.

This doesn’t come as much of a surprise considering Square Enix’s bet on the big new re-release, and it registered trademarks for Type-1, Type-1, and Type-3 as far back as 2011.

Final Fantasy Type-0 HD launches on March 20 here in Europe for Xbox One and PlayStation 4. It’ll include access to Final Fantasy 15 Episode Duscae demo.

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