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GAME UK has opened up The GAME Marketplace so third-party sellers can sell you their wears

It looks like GAME has gone the way of Amazon and has opened up The GAME Marketplace for sellers other than GAME to sell you stuff. So soon you won’t be able to tell who you’re buying from. Huzzah! The GAME Marketplace soft-launched last month and now has officially launched online for everyone to see.

The Marketplace will allow third-party sellers to sell things such as games, merchandise, books, graphic novels, clothing, and even electronics such as phones and tablets. It seems it’ll also work similar to Amazon where both GAME and third-party prices will be displayed on their store featuring both new and pre-owned items.

Though I’m being overly pessimistic about the idea, it’s actually a pretty good one and allows more specialist gaming companies to sell their products online, one notable example is peripherals maker Venom who’s on board with the initiative along side partner retailers such as Games Centre, Games Connection, and The Game Collection. Publisher Excalibur is also on board.

“Everyone at GAME is incredibly excited about our ambitions for GAME Marketplace,” GAME’s Charlotte Knight said. “In the past we’ve seen a phenomenal response to the limited edition products and accessories that we have stocked and know there is huge demand for gaming accessories and memorabilia.

“As the leading specialist games retailer, we have developed GAME Marketplace to allow us to open up this vast new world of merchandise to our customers, offering the greatest choice to our communities, whilst also allowing them to accrue reward points they can redeem against future purchases.”

GAME has revealed that in excess of 50,000 products have been added to the marketplace and there are already a selection of branded stores such as Marvel, Disney, Star Trek and Star Wars.

You can check it out here.

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