Want a copy of From Software’s next great title? Then roll up your sleeves…

This is the best story I’ve read all day. PlayStation Denmark are giving residents the chance to win a copy of the much anticipated Bloodborne, but it’s a most unusual competition. To stand a chance of winning you must be at the IT University in Copenhagen on the 23rd of March between 12 and 5 pm, and it’s probably a good idea to wear a short sleeve something (oh, and bring some snacks), because to enter you’ll have to spill some blood. Your own blood. Into one of those cool plastic blood bags.

It’s a great idea, and I really hope a lot of people end up attending. Giving blood is one of those small actions that has a huge positive effect on the lives of others. I can imagine the chance to win From Software’s new title will bring in a lot of blood, and hopefully a lot of new blood from first time donors. Maybe this is the beginning of something new? Maybe blood will be a new kind of currency – like that film about time becoming a trade resource…

Anyway, Bloodborne isn’t the only thing you could win. There are a number of other Playstation prizes up for grabs, so get on down to the University on the 23rd, and help save someones life.


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