Coffee Stain Studios’ insane Goat Simulator is crashing onto Xbox next month

If you’ve been wondering what’s missing from your Xbox, it probably isn’t the ability to simulate a goat and cause chaos around a virtual town, licking and butting people across the map. If for some bizarre reason that’s something you’ve been craving, then you’ve got just one month to wait until Goat Simulator lands on Xbox One and Xbox 360.

Coffee Stain Studios first teased Goat Simulator on Xbox consoles last year during an [email protected] montage of Xbox indie games, but we never knew exactly when or what consoles it would land on. Now however a brand new trailer has been uploading, revealing that it’ll be coming to both Xbox 360 and Xbox One in April.

Goat Simulator first launched on PC on April 1 last year and has since appeared on iOS and Android, and now Xbox! I’m going to hazard a guess that it’ll be coming to PlayStation too, possibly.

I wonder what date it’ll arrive?

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