family feud

Google Feud is weird and wonderful

Google’s auto-completed answers are always a giggle and sometimes a complete shock, and now you can play a game of Family Feud, or Family Fortunes as it’s known in the UK, with those wonderful auto-completed answers. There are four categories to choose from each offering various different statements to complete: Culture, People, Names and Questions. Just like the TV show, in each category you have 10 answers to guess and 3 fails before you lose.

The top result for “I think I swallowed a..” is spider. Nope, no, nope, no thank you.

Spider was the top answer at 10,000 points while the fourth highest result was “spider in my sleep” which tells me there are people swallowing spiders during the day when there’s really no need.

Google Feud of course isn’t affiliated with Google and is the creation of Justin Hook, using Google’s API. Justin Hook is also the script co-ordinator for a handful of Bob’s Burgers episodes, so that’s pretty awesome too. Check out Google Feud for yourself here.

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