Google Play will start showing PEGI and ESRB ratings, among others, for games extending the approval process.

Today, Google Play has announced the introduction of a new age-based rating system for Apps and games, which is currently being rolled out to developers. You may recognise some of these ratings from video games today, such as PEGI here in Europe, and the ESRB in North America. Before now, both Google Play and Apple used their own rating systems, but now Apple are the only mobile storefront left not adopting an industry-standard rating.

Developers can now fill out a content rating questionnaire which will allow their game or app to receive a content rating from the International Age Rating Coalition (IARC) and its participating bodies, including the Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB), Pan-European Game Information (PEGI), Australian Classification Board, Unterhaltungssoftware Selbstkontrolle (USK) and Classificação Indicativa (ClassInd).

This news comes just as PEGI joins other ratings boards in the aforementioned IARC.

“We are pleased to see major mobile platforms adopting the new IARC system, making it easy and, importantly, free for businesses that publish games to get age ratings across a number of major games markets,” UKIE boss Dr Jo Twist said.

“Having PEGI ratings on more mobile platforms across Europe also means that we have a more consistent and clear rating process to help consumers understand which games are appropriate for all ages.”

We’re unsure right now how that’ll change the way apps and games are regulated, as having an official rating will surely require some sort of vetting to ensure the developer is being truthful about their game? Either way, it’s nice to see that a more consistent rating system is moving to mobile too.

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