Halo 5 Guardians

Last week a mysterious Halo 5 teaser site appeared, now it’s unveiled its secrets and we’re a little worried.

A mysterious tumblr blog appeared online with a teaser for Halo 5. At the time we were given just a short countdown for this Sunday. Now Sunday has been and gone, the site has delivered its promise, but it’s even more cryptic than the teaser itself. It seems, Master Chief may have a secret, and it’s not one we may be happy to hear about.

The tumblr blog, according to the description, belongs to Benjamin Giraud, journalist and war photographer who has been hired to “do an in-depth profile on the Chief,” and promises weekly updates on his progress. The only problem is, he believes he’s uncovered a secret about the “real Master Chief,” and a new post on the site features a Soundcloud clip of Giraud explaining that during his time with “The Chief” he’s met people who know the real Master Chief, one of which calls him a trator?

Could the new game have us playing someone hunting down Master Chief? I’m really interested to see where this is all going!

Fortunately we can see both sides of the story on March 29, during the world premiere of the “Halo 5: Guardians” live-action trailer at http://www.xbox.com/halo5. So roll-on Sunday!

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