blackrock mountain

Blackrock Mountain launches on Hearthstone this week!

Blizzard’s insanely addictive trading card battling game, Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft, is set to get its new Blackrock Mountain expansion this week, bringing a handful of different cards to players over a series of “wings,” in the weeks post launch. The expansion is set to become available on April 2.

Blackrock Mountain differs from other expansions in that they’ll be split into different waves, or wings as they’re being called, that’ll become available in the weeks after launch. The first wing to launch is Blackrock Depths, which launches on April 2. In total the expansion is set to offer 31 new cards, new music, and two new class cards, as well as a new board for players to play on and new legendary encounters.

The expansion can be pre-purchased right now fro around £18 via the in-game store.

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