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Fuzzy Banter is the dating app that lets you show your true colours, before your selfie

When this pops up on my Twitter feed I already hate it purely because of the name. Any use of the word ‘banter’ makes me physically cringe and, well, the use of the world in a dating app. No, please, no.

So is it a dating app, for teddy bears that like ‘bantz’? No. The fuzzy aspect of the app is that your display picture is slightly blurred, at least for a little while. Now I’ve never actually used a dating app but I think it functions like most others currently available on the market. You can search for a partner based on preferences as well as setting a radius for your potential mate to reside in, this can range from 50 meters to 100 miles.

You can nudge a potential mate by swiping their profile to the right in Tinder style and if your match shows interest back in you you can send messages to each other. For users lacking imagination Fuzzy Banter have made template messages that you can send to get the conversation started.

Fuzzy say “think of us as your very own wingman or wingwoman”. Haaaaaave you met Ted?

Now let’s get more into the details of the fuzzy side of things because that’s what really sets this app apart from others. You can set the fuzziness of your image on a scale of 0-3 and you can also reveal yourself at any point during your banter filled conversation. This takes away the awkward situation on a first date where you’re scanning a room for 30 minutes looking for a pixel-person.


This apps main goal is enabling people to really get to know each others personalities without being judged from their profile pictures first. It’s actually a pretty good concept but could have it’s faults. Those that start at 3 on the fuzzy scale may be automatically dismissed as having something to hide, on the other hand you could really be hitting it off with someone, y’know, banter flowing, and you think now’s the time to reveal myself and suddenly it goes very quiet..

Do I hate this app? No, I don’t I just really don’t like its name but I’m not against a new way of someone finding a like-minded someone to bump uglies with, and the fuzzy aspect of the process is kind of interesting, at least from an outside perspective.

What I’m really not a fan of is the marketing campaign taking place on Twitter. Using Twitter to promote your product and getting those with a large fan base to tweet about it isn’t a new idea, however I feel seriously awkward when I see married people promoting the app..

The awkward ‘married but pretending to use this app’ promotion aside, it is a free app on iOS, and coming soon to Android, that has a simple and easy to use interface and if you’re looking for a partner it could probably be a lot of fun as they slowly de-fuzz their image.

Just be prepared for what happens when you reveal yourself, it could be love at first sight, it could be a tumble-weed, and like with any dating app or website, stay safe!

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