Crappy Heldivers bug wipes your progress if your controller runs out of juice so stay charged, kids!

We’ve all done it.. We’ve all ignored the little blip, flash, or notification letting us know our controller’s batteries are running low, especially when a particular gaming session is going too well to stop and pop in a cable. But if you’re playing Helldivers, you don’t want to take the risk as it may wipe all of your progress..

Over the past couple of days PlayStation players have been reporting a fairly horrible bug with Helldivers that incidentally spawns a level-one character into the game which, if a save point is reached without restarting, will result in your entire progress being wiped – all because the player’s controller ran out of batteries and died.

A handful of players have reported this happening both on the Helldivers subreddit and via the PlayStation forums. Thankfully developers, Arrowhead, are aware of the situation and say that a fix is coming for this bug, and a few others, in a currently unreleased 1.03 update.. In the mean time, this is what they say about the situation:

Wiped progression? Don’t turn off your controller!

There is currently an issue with players experiencing wiped save data. We found an issue related to the controller dropping its connection to the game and then when you reconnect, the game spawns your avatar before it manages to load your old save. This results in what looks like lost progress, and often results in progress being lost if you let the game finish its save.

What we are doing about it: We have fixed this specific occurrence and are investigating other ways that save data might get reset as we are seeing reports of unrelated save reset issues. The fix for this specific issue will be in patch 1.03.

What you can do about it: Make sure your controller has a full charge when you start playing. Don’t switch controllers if you battery is running low, just connect it to a cable, and wait until you are on the bridge and done with saving before switching to another controller.

If this issue should occur, restarting the game without saving will cause it to try and download the cloud save next time you start it up. This may solve the issue, but will not work if you have managed to save since you got reset.

So there you have it. If your controller dies, don’t panic. Try resetting your console first and seeing if the cloud-save fixes your problem. Alternatively charge your controller, or make sure if you’re running low, to save the game, head back to the Bridge, then switch controllers.

Have you experienced this bug? Let us know in the comments.

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