So by now the epic celebration parties for The Marvel and Sony deal should have died down and I can say something about Spider-man 2099.

I know a lot has been said about the casting of the new Spider-man. It’s been made clear that Andrew Garfield is out and someone new is coming in.

Being sadly realistic like a mid-2000s Marvel comic, it’ll probably be some young relatively unknown white male who’s yet to make it big and won’t cost a lot to hire.

A lot of people on the internet have expressed a desire to see Mile Morales, the African American and half Hispanic Spider-man from the Ultimate Universe. I like that idea, maybe the movie treatment could help the character. A real chance for the character to expand and export anything new and workable back to the comics. My fingers are still crossed for the idea of this dude swinging some webs around in Captain America: Civil War.Spider Man  Vol   Textless

Though today, I’d like to put forward the pitch for Spider-man 2009. AKA Miguel O’Hara. The half Mexican half Irish scientist who had to splice his own DNA with a spider’s to save his life.

OK, I’ll admit his power set is a bit tricky and unrealised in the comics. The claws he has on his hands don’t really look like claws and the gliding power is a bit inconsistent. Though we can all fix this if we put our heads together.

The costume is also a little tricky. A messy blur of blue with a complex logo on the front and a mask which makes it tough for an artist to convey any facial expressions.

On the plus side though, it’s set in the future. It’ll build more of the Marvel Universe and like Guardians of the Galaxy it’s a great place for Disney to test out science fiction stuff for Star Wars and other science fiction projects they have on the horizon.

I mean come on guys, do you really want to sit through a re-introduction of Peter Parker? Another Green Goblin? Another Mary Jane or Gwen? Or how about another Aunt May?

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