Titanfall’s sequel is in the works, Respawn has revealed, but I’m not as excited as I could be..

Last week Respawn Entertainment’s CEO Vince Zampella “confirmed” that the sequel to Titanfall was in the works, and though I was pleased to hear the news, I wasn’t as excited as I was when I heard about Titanfall originally. You see, Titanfall did a lot of things well and I really enjoyed the game at first. But soon as attention dwindled elsewhere game modes became desolate and only a handful of games were populated, and though the game’s DLC has just gone free forever, it piqued my interest a little but not enough to actually play the game.

So how can Titanfall’s sequel bring me personally back to the game? I have a few suggestions, some of which could become a reality, others – probably not but they’re ideas nonetheless.

Bigger Multiplayer Maps and Teams

One of the things that made Titanfall a little drab, at least for me, were the game’s fairly mid-size maps and its focus on 6 v 6 gameplay. Understandably, if the game had 12 v 12 then having twelve Titans on the map at once would become pretty hectic and would likely be close to impossible for anyone who isn’t in a Titan, to actually get anywhere in the game. So in order to make the game seem more populated, Respawn threw in tons of AI soldiers which could easily be mowed down.

Though this was a great idea, the sheer number of AI grunts often distracted me from the objective at hand, and usually had me caught with my pants down as I concentrated more on blasting grunts – who most of the time I think are actual players – and found myself getting shot from behind by another player. So here’s my suggestion:

Much bigger maps would allow for servers to be populated by more people. In order to limit the map being swarmed by Titans, place a limit on the amount of Titans on the battlefield. Sure, this then limits the Titans to a Call of Duty-like kill-streak, but that’s essentially what it is anyway as players can speed up Titanfall by killing players and grunts. So to limit the number to just 6 for either team, allows the ability for Respawn to allow 24 players into games at once.

It’s this mix of both Titan battles and forced gunplay which I believe would make the sequel much, much better.

TitanFall Players

A multiplayer campaign with meaning

Titanfall’s new concept of blending a campaign with the game’s multiplayer-only gameplay really worked and was fairly enjoyable. But Respawn could really improve on that by giving the campaign meaning. Look at Evolve for example, though it’s almost fallen under the same scrutiny, you can’t deny that the game’s Evacuation campaign really works. So, with that Respawn could change the outcome of the next part of the campaign depending on who wins, for example.

Though this was done in a sense, I’m wanting something more from that, I want there to be thousands of variables, perhaps the losing team’s radars go down and supporting AI isn’t called in. Perhaps resources are secured in the last game so Titans land quicker. The game’s campaign was a fantastic way of blending the two, but it was just too short and easily forgotten as everyone moved into the game’s multiplayer focused modes like Attrition.

Maybe the entire story could change on a global perspective, perhaps with the game’s release landing on other consoles, more players would mean the campaign could be severely affected by player outcomes. This would pit the entire globe against eachother in a more broader sense than just one team versus another. This would encourage Respawn Entertainment to focus more on the campaign than the multiplayer offering, expanding the campaign, adding more content, adding additional story tangents.

It’d be a war, but on a global scale that lasts for as long as the game is popular.

More Titans!

Once you’d collected all three of Titanfall’s Titan chassis, that’s all you had. The same ‘ol bots with a few different weapon combinations. Perhaps with the sequel Respawn Entertainment could throw in some sort of MOBA-like mechanic with the game. We already know that Respawn are keen to offer free maps but charge for weapon customisation and character skins, so with more choice of bots, players could customise them more with skins and other liveries.

I’d like to see where Respawn could go with varying the game’s Titans because all though each Titan had their own advantage and disadvantage, for me they all pretty much felt the same. I’d like to be able to hop in one and it feel drastically different from the one I was in prior. Maybe include some weird Mecha Parkour mechanics so players can freerun but on a much grander scale? Perhaps flight? Transformations? I know, I’m looking into it a little too deeply, but with a game that emphasised on huge mech battles I was surprised that there were so little choice when it came to the Titan you used.


Something to keep players playing

Titanfall’s sequel needs something to keep players coming back for more, whether its’ the campaign style I mentioned or something more rewarding. Right now if you were to load up the game, you’ll probably find the only real popular game mode is the Attrition mode, and that alone will only have a couple of thousand players – if you’re lucky. Respawn should throw in something to keep us playing, perhaps a levelling system that unlocks more than weaponry, perhaps a new Titan? Titan skins?

Though Titanfall was and still is enjoyable, there’s little bringing me back to the game and I feel that feeling reflects through many that hoped the game would live up to the hype. Unfortunately that wasn’t the case which is a real shame.

Unfortunately this is the same with most multiplayer-only titles in that it replies solely on people playing the game to make it good. Titanfall’s other game modes are practically ghosts towns meaning you’ve got little to no chance of having any diversity once people flock to other games.

So how do you think Respawn Entertainment could improve on Titanfall’s sequel? Do you have any suggestions on what they could improve?

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