It’s the things dreams are made of, a base/tri-pod type thing in the shape of a dinosaur, I mean what’s more sturdy than a dinosaur? nothing, that’s what.

HTC are displaying the HTC Re Camera on these nifty little stands at MWC, the dinosaur acts as a charging stand while keeping any cables tiny and out of the way by being threaded through the cute little dino tail.

The dinky dino also balances the camera perfectly which would be ideal for 360-degree panoramic shots.

We really hope this is going to be a product we can actually get our hands on and not just a neat display for the conference only. Even if there aren’t plans to put this into production surely HTC can’t ignore the interest it’s attracted.

Here are a few more useful suggestions for bases that the odd shaped camera would be perfect for –

  • A submarine (obviously), doesn’t have to be yellow.
  • The periscope that pops up from the ground in Teletubbies
  • That exact moment a Mario Tube bends a little to fire you further across the map

What are your thoughts? Do you want to see the little RE-Dino in the shops? Would you purchase a re-camera purely for the dinosaur?

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