Instagram hopes you’ll merge multiple photos together with new collage app, Layout

It looks like the Facebook owned photo sharing site is hoping you’ll stick with all-things-Instagram as they’ve launched a brand new photo collage app that’ll allow you to create photos, to share on the service, made up of multiple images. Though many apps already offer this feature, it’s likely Instagram are wanting to keep users tied to the Instagram platform for longer, without looking elsewhere.

Layout is simple enough, you open the app, choose from a handful of layouts, then pick bunch of images from your camera roll, and Bob’s yer uncle, you’ve got yourself a lovely image which features multiple images in a set. It’s not quite a sliding carousel gallery option that Instagram is offering to advertisers, but it’s a start.

Now, along with just slapping together a bunch if images, Layout gives you full creative control of your collage, whether it’s to drag and drop to rearrange photos, pull the sides of photos to show one bigger than the others, and adjust the layour of your Layout, just right. You can also flip and rotate your images to create interesting arrangements and mirror effects, which I guess is pretty cool.

There’s also an added photobooth feature allowing you to start a countdown that’ll let you take photos and instantly put them into a Layout.

Layout is currently only available on iOS with an Android version planned in the coming months.

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