With many celebs and singers on board, Jay-Z’s Tidal might offer stiff competition for Spotify

Spotify has forever been the front runner in music streaming with many hoping to knock the service of off the podium but failing, even when pop-star Taylor Swift decided to ditch the service due to the way the company handles its royalties didn’t stop people flocking to the service. Now however, there may be a contender in the form of Tidal, a music streaming service which was recently picked up by Jay-Z and is set to be relaunched with the support of many, many musicians.

In a new Twitter campaign to drum up support for his upcoming streaming service, Jay-Z is promoting the hashtag #TidalForAll. He’s also encouraging people to change their profile pictures blue to further spread the Tidal for All campaign. Some of the many people supporting Tidal are of course fans of Jay-Z, but there’s also a handful of others, some big names, also changing their profile pictures blue, people such as Arcade Fire, Madonna, Kanye West, Deadmau5, and Beyonce.

All of this is in an effort to “turn the tide and make music history, together.” a sentence that’s repeated in most of the promotional tweets for Tidal. The service is set to launch later today with Jay-Z hosting a press conference for the launch where he’s expected to reveal what changes, if any, have been made. People can sign up to Tidal right now for $9.99 or $19.99 a month, but won’t offer a free tier like its competitor Spotify.

It also seems Tidal is offering much fairer royalties to musicians, with Taylor Swift announcing that she’ll be making her back catalogue available for Titdal, but not Spotify.

We’re looking forward to the service launching later today, we’ll be updating you as soon as we know some more information about what, if any, changes Jay-Z has made.

Spotify should be worried.

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