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Hey, my name is Insect-Man. I may not be able to fly or punch things through walls, but I can Kick-Ass 3.. See what I did there? Of course, I guess you’re wondering who I am.. Well I was a member of Justice Forever, you know that team formed by Colonel Stars? Of course, you probably don’t know me very well since I was left out of the second movie because they think I’m too much like Spider-man – even though, spiders are arachnids and not insects, but anyway..

Kick-Ass 3 picks up from the end of Kick-Ass 2, at least that’s how that Mark Millar dude organised everything that happened.. and after Hit-Girl got herself arrested we were going to break her out, but I think we realised that breaking into a prison is no easy feat, not like helping an old lady cross the street. So we lay low and trained, but I guess after a while people we’re getting a little tired of superheroes, kind of like how Robert Downey Jnr. is getting.

As you might be aware Kick-Ass loves his comics, and to cope with the grief of losing his dad he re-enacted stuff from Batman and decided to use all of Hit-Girl’s gadgets and gear to stick it to organised crime, in the nick of time too as the Red Mist’s crazy uncle is back in town and wants to make a super-gang.

Though it seems Kick-Ass got sick of all of it I think. He got annoyed with some of us, not to mention the dude was growing up, I guess. He met a girl and started to cope with his grief a little more normally and thus became normal, I suppose. But come on, was that going to last? Of course not. As it turns out a bunch of sleazy cops (the ones I quit the force because of) were dressing up like Punisher wannabes and were ripping off Rocco, big time, and he blamed us heroes, typical!

He began to wipe us out slowly, but this lead Kick-Ass back into the costume. Kind of great timing since Hit-Girl was in trouble in lockdown, of course, she was still bad-ass, or so I hear.

The gangsters caught up with me and..

We’ll leave it their Insect-Man. We don’t want to spoil the ending, but sum up, it’s a happy ending. Kick-Ass 3 is definitely worth checking out. It has the heart of Kick-Ass and none of the cruel geek-mocking found Kick-Ass 2, which did feel wholly like that to me, a cruel strike at the culture of geek. Thankfully this one feels like a huge correction bringing a spirited and warped passion for comic books back.

So lets think of Kick-Ass 2 like Iron Man 2..

The story is easy to follow, but you’re going to find lots and lots of new characters and sub plots. Luckily you still get Dave’s monologues which has progressed from sexually-frustrated puberty-driven ramblings to using comics books to cope with a serious loss in his life.

Hit-Girl has a small feature in the story and weirdly enough she hasn’t grown as a character since the first volume. Her final scenes are however really strong and involve all the blood and violence you associate with her which is nice.

The raft of colourful heroes introduced in Kick-Ass 3 sadly don’t get much to do, which is a shame since each hero is a potential box of interest buried in the presence of Rocco Genovese. Imagine Scar Face fused with a campy eccentric old man, and don’t tell me that gets old.

Now back to the happy points. The action is great, brutal and well choreographed with each panel flowing into each other as if it’s an animated piece, though have you ever read a badly drawn John Romita Junior comic? I didn’t think so. The dialogue is long, but flows well and almost feels like Millar has written an early draft for the Kick-Ass movie.

Overall, this is a nice end to the Kick-Ass story, with the ending itself is filled with blood, swearing and comic book jokes. Millar seems to be done with writing superhero comics for now as he progresses with science fiction, but he did write himself a great send off.

Kick-Ass 3 was provided to us by Titan Books.

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