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kSafe harnesses the connectivity of our smartphones to not only keep things safe, but keeps us challenged

When I originally heard about kSafe, I was offered the pitch that the safe could be used to keep you more active, help you complete goals, or in some cases keep things away from people for a certain amount of time. The reason for this is because the kSafe is more than just a safe that you can lock and unlock with your smartphone, the kSafe can give you the biggest challenge of your life.

You see, the kSafe not only keeps things secure, it can also be used to assign tasks to you, or someone else, which can only be opened when that task is complete, and that’s the only way to open the safe. Whether it’s doing 1,000 steps, or that you’ve visited a certain location, or at a set time of the day, the kSafe is a truly brilliant idea.. or satanic idea depending on what type of person you are.

kSafe is aimed at all walks of life, whether you’re a runner, a snacker, a parent, or a student, kSafe can be used to set daily goals which you must complete, otherwise whatever you want to access in that safe is locked away until next time. In that case though, it’s probably best you don’t keep anything that you’ll need at any moments notice, otherwise you might find yourself having to run a mile or two before it unlocks.


Ryan Tseng of kSafe explains, “We know it is much easier to set goals than it is to achieve them. We can start with the best intentions, but then we become distracted, procrastinate or just lose focus. We turned to research from MIT for a solution. kSafe keeps us focused by making it a game, eliminating options to cheat, and rewarding us.”

So maybe you can lock away the TV remotes until you’ve completed 1 hours worth of homework, or locked away your child’s smart device while they spend two hours cleaning their room. Or for yourself you can lock away that delicious cupcake while you go for a run or attend the gym. The kSafe offers three types to challenges, whether it’s Activity Based, like running, Location Based, meaning you’ll have to check into a certain place for it to unlock, or Time Based, meaning you set a timer and once it has expired you can access that reward.

There’s one key thing to remember here though. The kSafe  has no overrides once locked. Seriously. So if you mess up, forget to go to the gym, or really, really need to eat that cupcake before you’ve taken 1,000 steps.. you won’t be able to. Seriously, you’re screwed. And to make matters worse, you can actually see what’s inside, just sitting there teasing you. That is, if you choose the clear version.

You can also use kSafe as just a normal safe though, so if you do want to keep important documents safe, but to hand if needed you can just set a Password Lock which can be activated via the app which is available for Android and iOS. Remember to keep your smartphone charged up though..

The kSafe launches on Kickstarter today, and they’re looking for $50,000 to launch the kSafe. You can get a kSafe of your own by jumping in early and pledging $79.

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