Sony’s The Last Guardian is still happening, according to another trademark

You may remember some excitement in the Twitterverse last month that suggested the long-awaited Playstation game, The Last Guardian, had breathed its last – with this rumour being summarily quashed soon after.  As we’ve reported several times, the game has been in development for many years and no firm release date has ever been announced.  Back in 2013, Sony Worldwide Studios president Shuhei Yoshida told fans that the game would be released “at the right time”.

The latest update comes from vigilant NeoGAF member, Rösti, who found the official paperwork for the third trademark application of the game by Sony.  The fact that Sony has again renewed the trademark seems pretty positive, and given the drama over the last lapsed trademark, it seems they are making sure they are covered this time round.  With that much hype surrounding the game, it’s no surprise Sony wants to hold on to the trademark – whether or not we ever get to see the game however, still remains a carefully-shrouded mystery.  Time, and possibly this year’s E3, will tell.

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