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Images of the rumoured HTC One E9+ have appeared, showing the device in a variety of colours.

We’ve heard a lot about the M9+ in recent weeks but other the last few days, more and more information about the E9+ has surfaced. @upleaks has tweeted some photos of the phone in black & silver, grey & gold and white & gold.

A couple of days ago, the leaker also revealed some of its specifications. We can expect a Quad-HD display and a 20MP back camera.  Other rumours include: a 5.5-inch screen, octa-core Cortex-A53 processor and 3GB of RAM. Its companion, the E9, will have a similar design and specs except the display will be at 1080p resolution and the back camera will be 13MP. Both devices are reportedly made out of plastic.

HTC has its ‘More than One’ event in China on April 8 where they could announce the E9 and E9+ alongside the M9+. We’ll have to wait and see if @upleaks is proven right again.

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